They can be celebrated for their achievements in various field such as agriculture, politics, peace building, economic development, health delivery, preservation of culture, and theological scholarship just to mention a few. Africa can boast and celebrate the life of women’s head of state and the life of women as members of parliament, the lives of women who are keepers, medical practitioners, high court judges, perfect home makers, CEOs, seasoned women professionals and many more. African women deserve to be celebrated every day. We in the space of hospitality, tourism and culinary celebrate African women who taught us how to boil water and we have now become professionals.

African Woman In Culinary

The are many reasons which the life of African women calls for celebration. In fact, in many African contexts a home without a women is considered to be a misfortune. with a women in the African home the family never goes hungry, with a woman in a home decency is assured, with a mother in a home a listening ear in times of trouble and confusion is assured, with a mother in a home, orderliness is expected and lastly with a mother children are assured of a future because their mother would seek for the best for their children. The African women can be celebrated for being industrious for holding the family together in time of war and conflict, for caring for the sick, for seeking for peace in the midst of turmoil and for keeping many organisations alive despite the many challenges that are faced today.